Tobias Miller is the father of the Miller children, husband to Geraldine Miller, and brother of Bernard Miller.

Early Life Edit

Bernard Miller was born in the Miller Mansion, in 1901. He is the younger brother of Bernard Miller. During WWI, he would be left alone with his mother, after his father and Bernard served in the trenches. His father died in the Somme in 1916, but Bernard returned home alive, once the war was over.

When his mother died in 1927, Miller House was handed down to him and his brother. He lived with him for another four years, but moved to London in 1931, where he became an author, writing a series of thrillers set in London.

In 1936, he fell in love with Geraldine Andrews, who he would later marry the following year. Tobias and Geraldine had their first son, James, in the year 1938.


Tobias served in the army in World War Two, but was able to return to London, to visit his wife and son, at least once a year. In 1941, they had another child, a girl they named Philippa. Their third child Simon, in 1942, Emily in 1943 and George in 1946.

After The WarEdit

Tobias and his family would stay in London, until his brother's death in 1953. Bernard had no wife or children, so the house was inherited to Tobias.

Tobias's Appearance & CharacteristicsEdit

Tobias has short, grey hair and a dark grey beard. He is quite a gentlemanly character, and likes to wear bowties and ornate waistcoats. He is intelligent, but can get quite confused at times. He is a mild mannered father, and is rarely seen grumbling.