Philippa Miller is one of the five Miller children and eldest of the two daughters of Tobias and Geraldine Miller. She is voiced by Penny Osborne.

Her LifeEdit

Philippa Miller was born in London in 1941.

After bombs destroyed their house in 1943, the Millers moved to an apartment in Croydon. They would spend another 10 years there, until the death of Tobias's elder brother, Bernard, which lead them to inheriting Miller House in the village of Hamsbridge, Kent.

Philippa's Appearance & CharacteristicsEdit

Philippa has brown hair, and red lips. She can be very stubborn and somewhat disagreeable, especially towards her younger sister, Emily. Philippa likes to think she is grown up, and is always trying to appear much more mature than her sister, however, due to her stubbornness, she always appears immature and childish. She is also very rude to Hugh Mongous. One time she said to him, "why don't you just boil your head!"

In the end of The Chronicles Of Pandrudica, Philippa shows signs of having a changed heart. Before being transported back home, she apologises to Hugh Mongous, for telling him to 'boil his head.' By which he laughed and replied, "As well as many things, your adventure has lead to a change of heart."