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Tragoth Palace

Mountain Peek

Mountain Peek

Pandrudica is a magical land, impossible to reach from this world, without the aid of magic. It is a backward country, with the technology similar to that of medieval England.

Pandrudican Years Edit

Being in a different dimension, time runs differently in Pandrudica. Every 30 Pandrudican years is equal to just 1 year in our world.

Ancient Pandrudica Edit

The oldest recorded civilization in Pandrudica, dated back some 8000 Pandrudican years ago, when the Miller children arrived in 1953 (which dates the start of Pandrudican civilization in the 1680s). Since then, nearly 1900 years has past Pandrudica, making Pandrudican civilization nearly 10,000 Pandrudican years old.

The First Civilization originated in the east of Pandrudica. Wizards of great power, lived there, but immigrated to the north in sailing ships, over to an island by the name of Perippet, where they created their own civilization. The humans, however, moved west, and made Tragoth their capital, with King Pandrude I as their first king. The nation of Pandrudica was named after him.

From Pandrude I came a long line of kings and queens. 1500 years after the creation of Pandrudica, a part of the country separated from the others, and became the Zouldamarians, who founded their own independent kingdom. They succeeded and made King Polifron their king. Conflict would not last, however, as both kingdoms soon became allies, helping each other fight enemies in countless wars.

Pandrudica were also allies of the wizards of Perippet, who had gradually formed a glorious palace, full of magic and treasures. Their most notable leader was the great white wizard, Poliphaus, the longest living wizard in the land's history, who lived up to the age of 5000. He would live to see the destruction of Perippet, by the evil dark wizard, Drakos the Dreaded, a betrayer, once one of them, who had begun to practice Black Magic.

The Golden Age Edit

The Golden age of Pandrudica started with the arrival of Hugh Mongous. After the rise of Drakos, he threatened to invade Pandrudica. This lead to another war, which ended with his demise, thanks to Hugh Mongous.

The next 2000 years saw Pandrudica's prime. They had a vast empire that surpassed that of any known in the land before. This age was brought to sudden end, with the arrival of the dark wizard, Manhura, who overthrew the kingdom and remained king of Pandrudica for another 30 years.

The Manhurian/Septimian War Edit

After the Miller children's arrival, Prince Septimus, the rightful king, lead an army and declared war on the Manhurians. The war would only last a matter of days, before Manhura was defeated, making Septimus the new king.