Manhura was an evil dark wizard, and arch nemesis of Hugh Mongous, who overthrew King Richard and Queen Anne of Pandrudica, and remained king for another 30 Pandrudican years, until his defeat in the Manhurian/Septimimian war.

Life In EgyptEdit

Manhura was born in Egypt in the 27th century BC. He became a priest under King Khufu, but was secretly plotting to kill him, and take over Egypt, with the help of the magic chest, he was creating, in order to give him extra powers and the gift of immortality. However, before he achieved in his plan, Hugh Mongous defeated him. But the chest still granted him some power: When the pharaoh heard that Manhura had died, he banished Hugh Mongous into the wilderness. He tried to explain to him that Manhura was plotting to take over his kingdom, but King Khufu would not believe him. He still regarded Manhura as a good man, and commissioned a tomb to be built for him, underneath his great pyramid. He even had the magical chest placed in his tomb, to protect him from intruders. And so, thousands of years later, in the year 1935 AD, the three archaeologists, Bartholomew Wedgewell, Walter Leighton, and William Johnson (William The Thin), would awake Manhura by his curse, which lead to their deaths, and Manhura's return to life.

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