James is the eldest of the five Miller children, and one of the main protagonists in the Haunted House series, and voiced by William Osborne.

His Life Edit

James was born in London in the year 1938, the first son of Tobias and Geraldine Miller. He is perhaps the only one of the five children who has breif memories of the blitz of WWII.

After bombs destroyed their house in 1943, the Millers moved to an apartment in Croydon. They would spend another 10 years there, until the death of Tobias's elder brother, Bernard, which lead them to inheriting Miller House in the village of Hamsbridge, Kent.

It was due to the curse of the house and William the Thin's time traveling mishap, that he, Philippa, Simon, Emily, George and the skeleton would all accidently end up in Pandrudica. There, they encountered Hugh Mongous and the Septimians, and would be known in Pandrudican history, as true heroes, particularly James, who was knighted by Prince Septimus, for saving his life at the James Vale Ambush.

James's Characteristics Edit

James is a shy boy, rather hopeless when it comes to girls. He is quite clever, and Loves reading books and playing the piano. He is very polite and never likes to say a bad thing about anyone, unless they are a terrible, evil Manhurian. He has a good nature, and a kind heart, but is also an able bodied and resourceful young man.